GitHub repo checklist


  • Is the name clear and descriptive?


If your project is active, does your description:

  • Let someone know exactly what’s in the repo?
  • Describe the code and the project in a sentence or two?

If your project is no longer active, does your description:

  • Note it’s no longer active by placing the word DEPRECATED in front of the description?
  • Indicate where people can find the active version of the project, if one exists?


Does your README answer the following questions:

  • What is the project?
  • How does someone develop, use, and test the code?
  • How can people become more involved?
  • What is the licensing for this project?
  • How do people contact the developers or ask a question?


Are your issues:

  • Written clearly and in the style of a user story?
  • Labeled clearly with the type of help you need?
  • Detailed with additional documentation as needed?