Naming your project

Before naming a project, think ‘Is this easy to understand?’

To help users find and recognize your project, we recommend using descriptive names that describe what your project does. You should avoid acronyms and clever names/puns as those can make it hard to search for projects.

You should also do a quick search on the web for your project's name to make sure that name isn't already being used by other software or services, even if it's used in a different space, as it can be confusing for new users. It’s also important to check with your communications team before naming a project so that it can be cleared, if need be.

For example, if you were creating a template your coworkers could use to create guides, a good name for the repo might be guides-template. Bad names might include the-unnamed-project-that-makes-it-easy-to-build-stuff, temp-latte, or guidestar.

Within the context of GitHub, the name of your project will always be placed alongside its organizational owner's name. So it's unnecessary to combine the two: instead of naming a project my-organization-foo, you can simply name it foo.