Github (Code control)

GitHub is a web-based Git repository hosting service. Projects on GitHub can be accessed and manipulated using the standard Git command-line interface and it also provides collaborative tools such as feeds, followers, wikis and a social network graph to display how developers work on their versions.

Some of the main features of GitHub are the following:

  • Documentation, including automatically rendered README files in a variety of Markdown-like file formats.
  • Issue tracking (including feature requests) with labels, milestones, assignees and a search engine.
  • Wikis.
  • Pull requests with code review and comments.
  • Commits history.
  • Graphs: pulse, contributors, commits, code frequency, punch card, network, members.
  • Unified and split diffs.
  • Email notifications.
  • Option to subscribe to notifications.
  • GitHub Pages: small websites can be hosted from public repositories on GitHub.
  • Nested task-lists within files
  • Visualization of geospatial data

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